Efes Pilsen’s 3. and the last model kit contest “Cut & Paste Fold & Compress” was made in year 2008 and my model kit “Meshur Antepli Ali Haydar Usta Kebapcisi” took the 3. place. My model kit’s name comes from a television series that played many years ago (2. Bahar). The actor’s (Sener Sen) name in the series was Antepli Ali Haydar Usta.

Before I began making the model kit, I made plans of inside and outside of the kebap house in my mind. What kind of materials and accessories we see in a kebap house ? What are the things we see on the wall, near the barbecue and refrigerator ? Before I found answers to these questions I began cutting the base of the kebap house from a plexi. After I made the calculations of the area, I placed the outside walls and aluminium profile. To hold all these together I placed the solid window to the front side of the kebap house.

I will explain the rest of the details with the pictures of the model kit.


Can you imagine a cooler that does not contain any beer inside although it express the Efes Pilsen? Of course it has ! It took 1-2 days to build up this cooler. First of all I found the right scale beer cans and then covered them with the stickers. Then I designed the cooler and also covered the stickers around of it. Front door is made of clear plexi that is openable. Inner lamp lights up when you open the door.


Desserts, candy tray, salads, oil and vinegar bottles. .


Piece of woods to make fire inside the barbecue. .


A cooler/refrigerator that is made of styrene. It looks like real ! Doors are openable and can also be locked with a mechanism from outside. Doors are covered with embossed metal sheets from inside.


All lights inside the refrigerator works. Shelves are made of clear plastic so that a person who looks from outside can see everything easily. Kebaps are made of a special putty.


The barbecue and the upper part are made of real copper sheet. I cut them according to the scale and gave them a shape to make them look like real. 4 equal metal legs are screwed to the barbecue to fasten it to the ground.
Below I put the wood pieces and to the ground I put a wooden platform so that the person who works there can stand on it. Beside the barbecue you can see a metal bucket that contains the used metal shish. Leds that are placed inside the barbecue can also be light up. The coals looks like they are burning under the red light.
An aspirator ( video card cooler ) is also mounted to the window and it works.

e10 e9

A video card cooler and the metal bucket full of metal shish.

e12 e11

Wooden platform and a paper towel

e14 e13

Cooler from outside and the most important part of a restaurant is sink cabinet. The inner part (sink) is made of metal sheet.

e16 e15

The sink is made of metal sheet and the tap is made of bolts.

e18 e17

Although the inner part of the cabinet can not be seen from outside I added the waste water hose. Sometimes adding details to a model gives me a pleasure although they can not be seen from outside.. On the right there is a table of boss. A notebook for orders, a pen, napkins and a tip plate.

e20 e19

A table that is made of a cartoon cup holder and wooden legs. Wooden castors and an extra part to put toothpicks inside. They are small enough although look bigger from outside.


The main supporter of the contest was Samsung. So I decided to make a plasma TV. Front side is covered with a coloured paper copy of a tv. There are leds inside the tv and they can be light up


I have never examined an awning before. Neither the mechanism nor the open and closed view of it. There was a space outside of kebap house. I decided to make an awning to keep the tables from direct sun light

By using some special parts and pulleys I made a folding awning. When I turn the upper pulley to the right side the awning closes and when I pull it back it opens.


Folding mechanism .


A pulley system to open and close the awning. The fabric is attached to the metal shaft. When you close the mechanism the fabric turns around the metal shaft.

e26 e25

Mechanism is closed


Tables and stoods outside the kebap house..


The aspirator from outside. An air conditioner attached to the outside wall. The name is MANSUI. I dont know if there is a brand like this but now there is one.


Packing papers attached to the refrigerator.


Inner walls are covered with a special sticker to make them look like they are covered with tiles.

e32 e31

A calendar and a special blessing paper.

e34 e33

A tax card on the left and a picture of a man on the right. He is probably father of the boss.

e36 e35

A poster of the national team and a wall clock.


To make the kebap house look bigger from inside, I covered the entire wall with a mirror. By this was the day light enters more and even the space of the are looks bigger.


To people who are going to eat inside, I placed a long table and stools. What you see on the tables outside are also placed to the inner table.

e40 e39

Above the door you can see the picture of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. To the opposite side there is the inner part of the airconditioner. .


A doormat in front of the door and “welcome” is written on it. I used glasses hinge to make the door openable.

e43 e42

Can a kebap house be without a sevice motor bike? I found an appropriate scale motorbike and placed it outside. The lights can be light up. A plastic box is attached to the bike to keep the orders hot.


I placed the cable box outside to reach it easily when I face with electric problems.

All signboards can be light up manually. They give an ambiance to the diorama. Because 13 is my lucky number I placed a special number plate above the door.


You can see the menu from the list or from the signboard..


A menu board with legs also placed outside. Today you can see such a menu board outside of many restaurants.


Giving a special shape turned this metal sheet in to a smokestack


Within sight of the shop I placed flowers pots on the groung. They are made of wooden sticks.I added soil and dried plants inside.


Efes Pilsen logos are sticked on clear parts.


To avoid any damage I attached wood sticks to the table from left and right side.

e54 e53

The cooler is covered with Efes Pilsen ad.

e56 e55

The outisde part of the airconditioner works. A video card cooler is placed inside but it only gives air inside of its place. It only adds realism to the model.


A vase with flowers inside placed on the table.


I dream of eating kebap inside this kebap house. I wish this kebap house was real..


Plasma Tv is mounted on to the wall. When it lights up you see that it works.

e62 e61 e60

We accept all credit cards.

e65 e64 e63

Do not park your car outside of this restaurant


It took 7 months to finish up this model with all the details. Everyday I added new items. I changed the things that I did not like. Sometimes I added small details that I just saw on the streets.

In brief I really enjoyed while I was making this kit. Because I did what I dreamed. Neither pictures of a real kebap house nor the plans of a place.
Value of this model kit to me is unexplainable because I made the entire of it by myself. I had experience during this process. I have seen what I can do.

Hope you enjoyed too…